A Different View: Aerial Photography Workshops

Edwin Martinez is widely respected as one of the finest landscape photographers the Philippines has ever produced. His vast experience shooting different locales in his home country and abroad have cemented for him an undisputed distinction of expertise in the field of photography. His works have been featured both in local and international publications.

He will be sharing his knowledge on aerial photography with us in a series of workshops, partnered with Urban Gadgets PH, Authorized Reseller for DJI.

DJI drones already bring photography to a whole new level. Imagine what you can create with it, armed with the knowledge of how to properly compose and take amazing photos. Because we all know—aerial photography is more than just knowing how to fly a drone.

For every purchase of a DJI drone from Urban Gadgets from April 2018 to March 2019 guarantees you one (1) complimentary slot to our series of aerial photography workshops. It is also open to everyone who owns a DJI drone for a fee of ₱5,000 per session.

We are excited to learn and explore with you!

Join us and learn the secrets that distinguish aerial photographers from drone pilots and find out about tricks that turn drones into every photographer’s dream equipment. Get to test all theories you’ll be learning. Find out about Civil Aviation regulations and how to get your license, too!

Workshop Agenda

  • Flight 101 and CAAP (Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines)’s PCAR (Philippine Civil Aviation Regulations)
  • Requirements to get your CAAP license
  • Introduction to Aerial Photography
  • Importance of Flight Safety and Pre-flight checklists
  • Important settings and equipment for aerial photography
  • Understanding different kinds of filters and the importance of each one
  • Tips for proper composition in aerial photography
  • Post processing techniques for breathtaking aerial photos
  • Fly your drone and test your knowledge with an instructor present to help you navigate through the challenges most commonly encountered in aerial photography

To ensure participants’ optimal learning experience, everyone is required to bring their own DJI drone and each session will accommodate only up to a maximum of 20 slots.

Reserve now before seats run out.

Batch 1 – July 28, 2018

Batch 2 – November 10, 2018

Batch 3 – December 15, 2018

Batch 4 – April 27, 2019